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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Best loots of Mafia Wars

Best loots of Mafia Wars


 Best Weapons
Zmeya Carbon Blade
You will find "Hit a Vory Nightclub" job (Mafiya Only) in Episode 6 in Moscow.
Ubjica Assault Rifle
You will find "Help "Plan" The Next Attack" job (Vory Only) in Episode 5 in Moscow.

Armors : 
Best Armors
You will find"Rob a Troop Convoy" job (Vory only) in Episode 4 in Moscow.
Executive Overcoat:
You will find "Acquire Classified Files On Crime Syndicates" job (both sides) in Episode 6 in Moscow.

Vehicles :
Best vehicles
Zoloto Sports Car
You will find "Ship Black-Market Caviar To London" job (both sides) in Episode 6 in Moscow.
Konstantin Cargo Carrier
 from the Vory only job in Episode 6

Please Write how many You collected????

Halloween Loots Changes !! Mafia Wars!!

Changes of Halloween Loots Items !!!

Zynga Brought Some Changes  to some loot items....

These are...

Bloody Poker Chips have been changed to "Frankenstein Poker Chips". If you had Bloody Poker Chips, these have simply turned into Frankenstein Poker Chips. The Lonely Plague Cow is now a Lonely Zombie Cow as well.

How You Enjoying Halloween Loot Event  ?
How many You collected?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Loots Events

Halloween Loots  Events

At last Halloween Loots  Event started.

Do the special Job

 And Get the Special Bonus Item

You can send Halloween gift from  free gift page

You can receive  Halloween loot from your friend As I Received.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mafia Wars !! Halloween Loot Event!

Mafia Wars !! Halloween Loot Event!

Halloween Loot Event! All jobs and fights have a chance to give you special Halloween-themed items. Sneak peek into some of the items!
Starting Friday at Midnight , we will have another holiday limited edition loot weekend for Mafia Wars, this time for Halloween. Items will be related to Halloween but also themed around other Zynga games.

Will stay awake on Friday!!!.. I guess yes, there is a mastery items.. who knows?
Zynga called this : Zynga House of Horrors!!! Are you brave enough to play and collect them all, mafias???

Very soon all items will be posted. 

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow Loot item List :Episodes6

Mafia Wars Moscow  Loot item List :Episodes 6


Zmeya Carbon Blade:

28 attack, 44 defense -
from the "Hit a Vory Nightclub" job
(Exclusively for Mafiya )

Executive Overcoat
: 22 attack, 45 defense 
from the "Acquire Classified Files On Crime Syndicates" job
   (Exclusively for Vory)

Zoloto Sports Car
: 43 attack, 22 defense - 
from the "Ship Black-Market Caviar To London" job  
 (Both For Mafyia  &Vory)

Konstantin Cargo Carrier:
18 Attack 44 Defense -
from the Vory only job in Episode 6

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mafia Wars' Stamina is now for 1 skill point

 Mafia Wars' Stamina is now for 1 skill point

It is a great thing that Mafia Wars' Stamina is now for 1 skill point .,
It is a good decision from zynga. You can now improve your stamina by using 1 skill point. As stamina
is for fight you can do more fights. And every fight you have a chance to get  loot item.

On Thursday, the Mafia Wars team at Zynga finally fixed the issue by letting players pay one Profile Point for one Stamina Point. It's a welcome change. Now that the weekend is on, we expect stamina levels to increase, which is probably going to make for lots and lots of mafia fighting.

Friday, October 16, 2009

New achievements

New achievements added in Mafia Wars

10 new achievements are added to Mafia Wars along with some other changes. The new achievements are :

  • Hitman
    Earned by collecting a bounty from the Hitlist

  • Bounty Hunter
    Bounty Hunter
    Earned by collecting 50 bounties from the Hitlist

  • Master Collector
    Master Collector
    Earned by vaulting all of the New York and Cuba collections

  • Next!
    Earned by mastering all Cuban job tiers

  • Dedicated
    Earned by logging in and completing a job 20 days in a row

  • Set Them up for Later
    Set Them up for Later
    Earned by losing 10 fights in a row

  • Brawler
    Earned by winning 100 fights in a row

  • It’s Good to be the King
    It’s Good to be the King
    Earned by being promoted to at least 10 friends’ top mafia

  • First Blood
    First Blood
    Earned by declaring and winning a war

  • Veteran
    Earned by participating in 500 wars

Also, when you complete an achievement now, you can Publish it to your friends:

When your friends click on it, they can get some money and a consumable item. 
 I got these...........  & many more........................

So Why late.

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