Super Steet Fighter Arcade

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Challenge Mission :SOUTH AFRICA

New Challenge Mission :SOUTH AFRICA

This is GREAT that a new challenge mission is going to started.
LAS VEGAS is going to end but new mission is going to start.
As the gaze of the world fixes to South Africa and the Global Cup, you are preparing for the most bold of crimes - to fix the final match!
· Collect Counterfeit Tickets to use in South Africa jobs
· There are 3 chapters – a new one each week
· Fix the game before time runs out!
· Complete each chapter for exclusiv

A new challenge mission means some very good mastery loots.
some skill points and some excitements.
You have to add a Mafia.
then you will able to collect 20 Counterfiet Tickets.
And wait to unlock chapter 1.
e rewards!

New Items in Mafia Store ( NY CITY )

New Items in Mafia Store ( NY CITY )

Are you bored doing crime in NewYork !!! Now new excitement has come again. check the photos below.

New armor, New weapon, New vehicles. So what is next?

Easy Leveling Up Strategies

Easy Leveling Up Strategies

Can you believe? The ratio between ENERGY and EXPERIENCE has improved.

check my screen shot. ratio has changed and now you can level up easily. There is 200XP cost of 99ENERGY and 213XP cost of 106ENERGY.

New Layout of NY

New Layout of NY
There is completely new change in NewYork layout for new players.

check the screen shot.

New directions!!!

And like many more.
May be you need the new update of flash player.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Upcoming Las Vegas

Upcoming Las Vegas

Do you think it will be images of Las Vegas? Because I don't think they are describing the Sin City..

New Collection : Mystery Animals!

New Collection : Mystery Animals!

Send to your friend to get more.

Check the screen shot

Spring into action and send your friends a rare animal now in Mafia Wars. Also get suited up for Vegas by collecting all 7 Vegas rewards there are only 4 Days left!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Las Vegus !!!!Free GodFather Points.

Las Vegus !!!!Free GodFather Points.
Here is the Link of Free Godfather Points for You.
I have got 4. 
How Do You?
How u enjoying Las Vegus loot Event?

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Las Vegas Loot event Item lists

The Las Vegas Loot event Item lists
Here is the complete item lists with there screenshot.

Attention Jackpot is the reward for collecting the other 7 items. Once you collect the other 7 items (by fighting and doing jobs), you will be awarded the Jackpot.
Did you get all????

Global Cup Collectible Balls

Global Cup Collectible Balls

Each ball cost 5 Reward Points!Low cost  .
So love to buy all.
though their attack and defense not soo good.

200 Free stamina Daily

200 Free stamina Daily

If You have request to send free gift to your friend .
you can get 40 stamina per gift.this was 10 but now it is 40.
you can claim rewards 5 time maximum a day.
enjoy with fighting and robbing.
so send gift and get more and increase your respectmeter.

Las Vegus loot Event Has Started

Las Vegus loot Event Has Started
This is Great that Las Vegus loot Event Has can get new 7 loot and a special item from this event.

You can get this by doing job or in fight.

so try to get as more as u can.

Power attack

Power attack
This is good .you can attack 5 times by a single click.
you can save your time.

Thursday, June 24, 2010



New exclusive event is coming soon.

Get ready to take the crime to Las Vegas because the looting is on! This Friday, June 25th, we’re dropping 7 Vegas items when you do jobs and win fights. Collect all the Vegas loot and you’ll get a special-edition high roller item! Heads up - the Vegas Loot Event will only last for a few days. Make sure to play this Friday!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mafia Wars Special Changes

Mafia Wars Special Changes

Get ready to throw down! They made some cool new changes to fighting - an updated fight loot table, a dozen new items that'll drop exclusively from fights, Bangkok loot, and more are on the way. You can also battle your Goliath and increase your chances for huge rewards. Now’s the time to show off your mad fighting skills! Check it out -




So what is next?

Special Loots From Hitlist

Special Loots From Hitlist

Hitlist also gives chance to loot items. Fight on Hitlist or be a hired gun to get the many special items.
There are some items given below :

There are many more...

So why are you waiting? Go and burn the Hitlist!

Sunday, June 20, 2010



You will get the GODFATHER points when you will answer the three questions and then click the nest button.

Click the link below and replace the the XXXXXXX with your Facebook ID than you will get it.

When you will get this page it means that two GODFATHER POINTS already  added on your account.

Enjoy now.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Big "Z" Team

Fight Loots Will Be Permanent!
In the short term, Zynga is planning to release some rather nice new items (Already released) that can only be earned through PvP (Fighting), as well as making all Bangkok loot drops available. In the longer term, they plan to make the drops more suited to your level, so that a level 300 player isn't getting brass knuckles and butterfly knives.
They are also working on some new systems to make fighting more interesting (Fighting Arena). These sort of features tend to require more time, so it may be a bit before we can provide additional details. They are working on this, however. Plus They're planning on making some changes to robbing to reduce the amount of time after a property finishes before it is able to be robbed and increasing the amount of damage you can do to a property.
They also have some ideas on how to make fighting more attractive in Las Vegas, where banking your money won't be quite so easy.
Zynga's current plan is to remove the ability to hitlist a player unless your health is above 20. No more phone calls to the heavy hitters from your hospital bed.

Improvement of Inventory System
Although this isn't a short-term project. Zynga is already in the process of making improvements to how your inventory is displayed as a whole, and hope to provide more details on this in the near future.

How The Result is Determined for Robbing

Basically, when you attempt to rob another player, the result is determined based on the following:
(Your Attack Skill) + (25% of your Mafia Attack Strength) + (A Random Roll based on 75% of your Mafia Attack Strength)


(Defenders Defense Skill) + (25% of their Mafia Defense Strength) + (A Random Roll based on 75% of their Mafia Defense Strength) + (Robbing Defense Boosts, if applicable)

As an example, lets say you were trying to rob someone's Flophouse (each player brings one extra friend along for the robbery). Your Attack skill is 800, and your two best offensive weapons, armor, vehicles, and animals add up to a total attack strength of 600. Your opponent has a Defense skill of 400; their two best defensive weapons, armor, vehicles, and animals combine for a total defense strength of 600; and they don't have any Robbing Defense boosts. You initiate the robbery and the following numbers are used:

Your result will be:

A number between 951 and 1400
800 (Your Attack Skill) + 150 (25% of Mafia Attack Strength) + a random number between 1 and 450 (75% of Mafia Attack Strength)

The defenders result will be:

A number between 551 and 1000
400 (Their Defense Skill) + 150 (25 of Mafia Defense Strength) + a random number between 1 and 450 (75% of Mafia Defense Strength)

New Job ( Time limited )


New Limited time job is available in mafia war home page.Check the pic below

There are three type of job. Choose urself which one you want to do.
You can do it again after a fixed time shown the window.
So don't wait and get the rare global cup collection first.

Chang in Fight List


There is a change in fight list. Now you can save your time by this new feature.

 Now look there there are two color shade on the list. Some are highlighted and some are greyed . The greyed ones are the players who are already iced or in hospitals . The highlighted ones still have health. So why would you waste your time ? Just attack the highlighted players.



Another exciting important event is coming soon.

Get ready for Father's Day! Starting tonight, when you redeem your Mafia Wars game cards online, you'll be awarded with the Limited Edition item, Daddy'O (29 Attack, 60 Defense). This special item will only be available until June 27th, so be sure to get your game cards today and pick one up for dad as well!

London Chapter 3 : Family Jewels ( Challenge Mission )

London Chapter 3 : Family Jewels ( Challenge Mission  )

Challenge Mission London Chapter3 is now open for u. There are 4 jobs to complete and job mastery bonus is Nightowl Helicopter  (107 attack, 55 defense). Be the first to get the hot bonus.

Job requirements :

Break Into The Tower Of London : 3 (for green Heat Meter), 4 (yellow), 5 (red) passports and 9% mastery
achieve per attempt.

Knock Out A Beefeater : 4/5/6 passports and 8% mastery achieve per attempt.

Swap In A Replica Of The Diamond  : 5/6/7 passports and 5% mastery achieve per attempt.

Smuggle The Real Diamond To Mumbai : 6/7/8 passports and 4% mastery achieve per attempt.

So why are you waiting for? Don't let the time finish.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Get Double Loot!!!

Get Double Loot!!!

Only for 2 days all the loots are double in every fight . So getas more you can.
So, it is time for part 2 of the Mafia Wars 2-year anniversary. According to a sneak peak from the Mafia Wars official Facebook page, here is what we are getting:

"It’s time to man up and fight. For two days only, get TWICE THE LOOT in all cities. Fight for new loot. Fight for revenge. Fight now. We’re celebrating 2 years of crime, and giving you 5 Throwing Knives to get started. Double Fight Loot starts tonight at 12:00 AM PT and ends June 17 11:59 PM PT."

Did u Get???

Did u Get???
Did you get the message?
2 days we will be able to have the new loots only from fighting! And you'll get twice the loot from all fight.

New Icing Achievements!

New Icing Achievements!

4 New Achievements are available fo you to get .
These are in the above screen-shot.
Mind it a new achievement is a free skill point.
So you can get 4 free skill points.

New avatar for icing

New avatar for icing

Not Bad.
You can share free boost for icing in fight.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Play Poker and get rewards in Mafia Wars

Play Poker and get rewards in Mafia Wars
Did u see the cards on the top of ur mafia page.

you can get rewards by playing poker.
By playing  Zynga Poker u can get stamina, rewards points,energy refill, loot items and many more?
What u got????