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Monday, August 30, 2010

ZLotto!! Get Exclusive Free Items

ZLotto!! Get Exclusive Free Items
All you saw this in your mafia Wars page
Yes this is ZLotto . You can get   Freely  Exclusive  Itemsfrom this .
Just Click there and go to the Page and sign in.

Then you have to Check Your Email.
There U will find a link and Click There to have a Free Ticket.
U can ask ur friend to send u free Tickets.
Then Click Play and Get Your Rewad Items.
You can Get
Items are not bad.
Not Only Mafia Players But also Farmville Players can Get Rewards.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Roma Boss: Don Antonio Di Rossi

Roma Boss: Don Antonio Di Rossi

Each Italy Region ends with a Boss Fight, which gets harder as you go from Bronze to Silver to Gold to Ruby levels. In Roma, the boss is Don Antionio Di Rossi

In Roma-Bronze, Boss DiRossa/DiRossi (his name changes from one screen to the next) has 300 heath, and is aided by two henchmen.

This fight took four attacks and no consumables. The henchmen each died with one attack, and the Boss was down in two.

The Boss Fight loot item in ROMA is DiRossi's Shotgun, a Weapon with respectable 75/51 stats at Bronze Level.

Di Rossi's health, and the Shotgun's stats, each increase on successive levels in ROMA. But all four Boss Fights are relatively easy:

ROMA - Gold Level

ROMA - Ruby Level


Severed Pinkies and Volcanic Bricks: On Roma-Silver level, you can still get complete the jobs to get Volcanic Bricks for 5 Energy points, and the Severed Pinky for 19. When you get to Silver, it may well be worth stocking up on hundreds of Volcanic Bricks (so you can max out your Villa) and thousands of Severed Pinkies (you'll need them in all four levels of Palermo).

Fortunately, on Roma's Silver Level you can do the jobs in any order. (This is true in all 5 Regions, and presumably on Gold and Ruby as well).

Boss Fight Items Italy

*Arma di Ordinanza* (Weapon)

*Tradire* (Vehicle)

*Scutum* (Armor)

*Asino* (Animal)

*Vachelli CP* (Weapon)
I did not see this until ROMA Ruby Level

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Loots of Las Vegas District 5

Loots of Las Vegas District 5

You  can get these Items During doing the job in Las Vegas District 6.

Bark Scorpion (animal; 50 attack, 30 defense)
Set of Biker Leathers (armor; 30 attack, 48 defense)

Bighorn Ram (animal; 37 attack, 42 defense)

Precision SMG (weapon; 42 attack, 30 defense)

Range Finder Rifle (weapon; 37 attack, 54 defense)

Dune Buggy (vehicle; 41 attack, 35 defense)
Mojave Mike (vehicle; 40 attack, 53 defense)

..and the "Rescue a Hotelier" job drops the Bellhop, which can be used to upgrade your casino.

Reward Item of Boss Fight in Las Vegas District 5

Reward Item of Boss Fight in  Las Vegas District 5

For killing 'Red' Jackson you get her Motorcycle.
Here are the stats:

Bronze: 107 attack, 73 defense
Silver: 120 attack, 92 defense
Gold: 138 attack, 105 defense
Ruby: 162 attack, 140 defense

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Reward Item of Boss Fight in Las Vegas - District 6

Reward Item of Boss Fight in  Las Vegas - District 6

The bosses of District 6 are the Hill Brothers. They start out with quite a bit of HP (8,000 in bronze, 16,000 in silver) and it only scales up from there. Here are the rewards:

Bronze Level of Mastery: 96 attack, 119 defense
Silver: 117 attack, 138 defense
Gold: 137 attack, 155 defense
Ruby: 160 attack, 175 defense
That's Great!!!!!!!

Loots of Las Vegas District 6

Loots of Las Vegas District 6

You  can get these Items During doing the job in Las Vegas District 6.

Diamondback: 56 attack, 48 defense (animal)

Gila Monster: 36 attack, 48 defense (animal)

P0lice Riot Helmet: 30 attack, 44 defense (armor)
Reinhardt and Otto: 57 attack, 36 defense (armor)

Rangefinder Rifle: 37 attack, 54 defense (weapon)

Performance Sports Car: 47 attack, 38 defense (vehicle)

Goldsmobile: 40 attack, 55 defense (vehicle)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Reward Points Pig

Free Godfather Points!!! Las Vegus!!!!
This is great that you can send and accept reward point Pig which is filled with Free Reward points.
You can gather more reward points by receiving more  reward point Pig.
Just go to the free Gift Page and send your friend . 

 Las Vegas - District 6 Is Open Did u complete?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Health Refill is now 1 RP

Health Refill is now 1  RP

This is great that Health Refill is now 1  RP.
It was 2 Before.
I think we should not use RP for this.
We can use NY money to improve health.

Get a Free Loot

Get a Free Loot

See the screenshot
0 Reward point to get this  loot item free of cost.
You can Buy  this once.
You can get this
from Marketplace. 
Did u Get?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mystery Bags Collections

Mystery Bags Collections
(From Red and Blue Mystery Bags)
A new item U can Get From Vaulting the mystery bag collection Items.
The item is
Maltese Falcon
Maltese Falcon
42 Attack
65 Defense
All Items Wishlist Link-Just Copy paste in Your Browser.(make sure you have at least one free space one wishlist)

Magnifying Glass --

Shoe Prints

Calabash Pipe
Deerstalker Hat

Hand Cuffs

Case Files

Mysterious Note

Beat The Feds !!

Beat The Feds !!
Thats Great !!
New event!!
There is 3 level .
Every  Level u have to finish 4 Boss fight.
First level is very easy only needs 2 stamina for each attack.

2nd level is not easy  needs 5 stamina for each attack.
3rd level is hard  needs 8 stamina for each attack.
and completing each fight u will get
  • 1 special Loot
  • 1skill point
and completing 1 level u will get 1 special mastery loot.
U can ask ur friend to help ur boss fight.

Remember Not forget to help ur Friend  because every fight the mastery item u can gain only by helping.

One of my Friend got These Items from the Fight.

Zynga says
Boss Fights
  • Each bronze boss drops a powerful item, and defeating silver and gold bosses will improve the power of these items. Defeat all 4 bosses to win the ultimate prize!
  • Higher level bosses get tough, so make sure to ask friends for help.
  • There is a time limit on each boss - if you do not take them down within that period you'll have to start over. The boss will not regenerate health if you run away or your health goes down to '0'.
  • Use your items strategically to help you win the boss fights. Boss fight items drop from doing jobs in New York and Vegas.
  • Friends who help take down a boss will also be able to share in the boss fight rewards.
Boss fights are a special type of fight in which you spend stamina and use special consumable items to take down a boss. Win by reducing the boss' health to '0', but keep in mind that there is a time limit on each boss; if you don't win within that period, you'll have to start over again. Each round you can launch an attack against the boss, and you can use consumable items (health kit, shiv, stun gun). You can bring up to 10 of each consumable item to a fight - hover over an item to see what it does, click an item to select it, and click 'Use it' to use the selected item on the boss. You can loot these consumable items in New York and Vegas jobs.
To help you win, you can ask for help from your friends and post a feed asking your mafia to assist you in the boss fight. Any mafia member who clicks on this feed can then attack the boss and help you win!
With each boss you take down you will receive a special reward (the top 5 damage dealing helpers will also receive this award!). Each bronze boss drops a powerful item, and defeating silver and gold bosses will improve the power of these items. If you defeat each of the 4 bosses before the event ends you will also receive a special mastery item to help you out in Vegas (the power of this item will improve if you take down all 4 silver or gold level bosses).

Need Extra Stamina !!!
Just Response ur Friend`s Crime spree request and get 200 stamina per day.(40 stamina per request) 

New Free Gift to send!!

New Free Gift to send!!
This is great that some new Items are  necessary for  fight in Beat The Feds and in Vegas boss fight are freely available as afree gift. 
there is also amazing item new mystery bag which may contain bulk of free reward points to --New Mystery Bag Rewards - New Collection, Free Slot Spins and more rare loot items.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Beat the Feds" Fight Event!

"Beat the Feds" Fight Event!

New Event is coming from Friday.

Mafia Wars says- COMING THIS FRIDAY - the Mafia Wars "Beat the Feds" Fight Event! Climb your way to the top by taking on four tough bosses with help from your mafia. Defeat all the boses in time and get a sweet Vegas reward that'll boost your income. Stay tuned for more info, and click here to play!

Red Mystery bag Giving Reward Points.

Red Mystery Bag Giving Reward Points.

Red Mystery bags containing good items including rewards points.

Mafia Wars says - Send your mafia some Mystery Bags! They're packed full of special items and rewards that may just help your crew out of a sticky situation. Your mafia members will be sure to thank you and return the favor.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

50 GodFather Points

50 GodFather Points
Gold Treasure Chest  is great.
yesterday I found this offer eack key for 3RP.
Then  I bought and opened and got the amazing prizes-

Any one else get this???