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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Take Back The Street

New limited time mission available is called Take Back The Street
There are 6 Missions
1.Mission - Origin Story

2. Mission - R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

3.Mission - Greed Is Great

4. Mission - Town Painted Red

5. Mission - Battle: Las Vegas

6.Mission - Blood and Wine
The Reward is Hawkeye Classic with attack85 and defense 143 great item

Final Brazil Smuggling Item Released!

Well time to get sending and finish up the event! Just remember to save all of your duplicates so you can replay the event! Make it easy on yourself and remember to collect in game first and then from your Facebook requests to make sure you get all of the free gifts you can! 

And just make sure you don't collect any other free gifts the day the last item is released and you can finish it all up in one go! As long as you have the first 2 items collected on gold mastery it takes you 196 Free gifts to master all the items 3 times over! So get collecting and get some loot, real fast!



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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Email Bonus Today

Some people get these today

Brazil Mastery Items - Attack and Defense status

Tier 1 -

Tier 2 -

 Tier 3 -

Tier 4 -

Tier 5 -

Brazil Mastery Bug

There are lots of problems with the Missions right now and Customer Support has addressed this.


Brazil Mission Have Disappeared!!!

Incoming reports have indicated Mafia Wars players have never been introduced to Brazil Missions or appear to be stuck between two missions or completing various tasks. The Mafia Wars development team is actively researching this problem and will implement corrections as problems are discovered. To ensure all mission problems are addressed, Brazil Boss Missions have no associated expiration date so each incoming incident can be addressed

It is important for each incoming report of Brazil Missions that are missing or stuck to be properly recorded.  Please select the 'Vote to Fix' so these occurrences can be appropriately prioritized and corrected in a timely manner. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Brazil Mission/Boss Fight Walkthrough Part 21 to Part 25

Part 21: Urban Jungle: Part 1

Part 22: Urban Jungle: Part 2

Part 23: Lieutenant Emilio Sandoval

Part 23 is the first Sliver Level Boss

Part 24: Moving Cargo

Part 25: Grease The Wheels

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Monday, March 28, 2011

April 8th Mafia Wars Meetup Day Event is

The first official "Mafia Wars Meetup Day" is coming up fast on Friday, April 8th.  There are currently over 1700 communities scheduled to participate worldwide.  If you are interested, make sure you head over to the Mafia Wars Main Page and sign-up for the event closest to you.  Any location with over 50 confirmed attendees will be sent a special "Mafia Meetup Starter Kit".  Currently among the top 10 most active include 2 from the Philippines, 4 from the U.S. and such Mafia Wars leaders as Kuala Lumpar and Mumbai.  This is a chance to get out and meet fellow Mafia Wars players, share your knowledge and gain the knowledge of your fellow players.  Still under 501?  This will be a great opportunity to add to your family in person.  Still stuck in Bangkok?  Find out from area leaders in one of the world's most popular games how to defeat the Yakuza and get closer to dominating your friends.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Brazill Mission/Boss Fights Part 11- 20

For Part 1 to Part 10 of Brazil Mission,Pls check Here

Part 11: Vengeance Is Yours

Part 12:Capitão Tinto

Another tough boss to go!

Part 13: Follow The Source

Part 14: Unexpected Allies

Part 15: Hot Pursuit


Part 16 is another Boss Fight

Part 17: Ripple In A Pond

Part 18: Great Minds

Part 19: Chemical Burn

Part 20: Lucas Sousa

Part 20 is the last Boss for Bronze which have 26250 Health Point

That's all for all the Bronze Level

Brazil Mission Part 1 to Part 10

Here are some of the Brazil Mission/Boss Fights Walkthrough.There is a total of 65 parts

Part 1: Ah,Brazil

Part 2: Draw Their Attention

Part 3: Duck The Police

Part 4: Lieutenant Emilio Sandoval

This Part is just a Boss Fight and you can get the reward!

Part 5: Worse Than We Thought

Part 6: Touch And Go

Part 7: Traitor Among Us

Part 8: Pablo Alvares "The Dockmaster"

This part is also a boss fight and it is a tough fight.Do not leave the fight at all that include
get kill by the boss.It will regenerate to full health if you leave the battle 4-5 times.(At least that what happen to me)

Part 9:Enemy Of My Enemy

Part 10:The Jungle Camp