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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The New Secret Stash Feature

You will have a chance to get one Secret Stash appear from doing jobs, fighting, or by robbing!
I was doing a job and got it :

Ok, so I could not wait to get started! What I did was grabbing the icon of my 3 available friends and put each of them  under Medium. (I chose Medium because on above screenshot, I got it "checked" already.. not sure if we can choose the other box ie Easy or Rare. Or perhaps it's just like our Operation where we are chosen on which kind of Secret Stash by the game).

Ok, I chose my friends but got this message :

Not sure what's happening, maybe I pass the 15 seconds time limit??? Or just not my lucky day to get one Secret Stash item..
When you're able to get it, you will see this kind of image :

User-added image
(Image is taken from Secret Stash 411 & FAQ page)

So I only got error message, I can start to get help from my mafia.. I can chose any mafia and I'm sure this will reduce my gift request for today.. Since I only need 6 helpers for this Medium Secret Stash, I'd better to send 6-8 gift requests from recommended friends.

To see how many friends which already help you on this feature, go to Operations >> SECRET STASHES tab..

Nah I already asked for help, I will have to wait until at least 6 friends answer my request.

What my friends see will be like this on the FaceBook request page..

Or this one under Zynga Message Center (ZMC) list..

Just click on "Accept" button and you will send it to me.

The final person who answer my Secret Stash request will see this message :

Ok, so 6 persons helped me and now I can click on "Claim" button.

Woohoo!!! Got my first Secret Stash item!

Here you go :

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